Wax epilation

Why do French women such smooth and tender skin? Because they prefer other methods of hair removal wax - convinced cosmetologist Madame Deng, exclusive representative of the Paris firm Reference Den "(Paris) specializing in hair removal wax (see: formulations wax depilatories).
When wax hair removal can act flexibly and subtly, such as bikini easily achieve amazing results: make a figure, or drawing on individual artistic hair removal. And all this without pain, fast and comfortable. The most prolonged - hair removal legs completely - takes only 20-30 minutes. Whatever area of skin you have chosen to rid of the vegetation needed a thorough disinfection. In order not to dry skin, the skin hold a special cleaning liquid gel microbicides. It contains no alcohol, but all the bacteria are killed irrevocably.

The composition of gel composed AHA for the healing vitamins A, E and F for the protection and regeneration of skin, hyaluronic acid to moisten. To avoid the harmful hairs, it is necessary to inflict daily special-cream milk Emolia. He not only dissolves hair formed under the skin, but also act preventively. It's the nut oil: it is rich in vitamins A, B and E, which protects the skin from drying.

It is the hand shows how a woman is, and how it is tidy and well-groomed.