Together go to sleep and wake up.

The problem of longevity of marriage excites the minds of not only partners in the family home, but scientists and sociologists who dealing with this problem.
Indeed, why in some families the husband and wife lived together until late in old age, while in others - can not wait until the end of the "honeymoon"?
Until recently, sociological surveys carried out in many countries around the world specialists on marriage, the main factors strength of marriage - both men and women - called: love, common interests and hobbies, material wealth, etc.
However, the recent American psychotherapists and medical specialists psychological equilibrium rights problems recently revealed in the course of research is another major factor of stability of marriage.
They found that to longevity the marital relationship contributes simultaneously go to sleep and awakening, and that the general synchronization between the daily rhythms of partners has beneficial effects on cardiovascular activity and the overall organism human well-being.

In those families where spouses wake up and go to bed at the same time, more than 90% of respondents were satisfied with family life.
How to help such couples who live different rhythms of life and suffer from this?

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