In Britain, not necessarily marry!

At times, when sex before marriage was considered immoral, has long passed, more and more young people begin living together already once held in one bed for quite a long time.

A wedding speech is not-why, because together, and so bad off, but you can always pozhenitsya To Be, for example, if the child is born. But even after the birth of a burden many never reach zagsov, believing that there was nothing objectionable in that the parents are not officially registered.

However, as found issledovateli-sotsiologi, few are aware that such alliances are actually worth nothing from a legal standpoint, of course. The fact is that the couple are not formally married, are not eligible for any financial support from the spouse, for example, with alimony, or to joint ownership nor the right of inheritance.

Of course, young people such things usually do not worry. As long as love is strong, any legal disputes and the problem seem to lose money, which will not affect the happy couple. But sometimes feelings pass, and property disputes remain.

British authorities have first to realize that the problem must be resolved such unions. And to legalize them is the only right decision. The British long ago realized that bachelors persuaded of the need for social cell useless. Some youth-general allergy to such activities.

Therefore, the authorities decided to make some changes in legislation, which is designed to improve the lives of more than 2 million undocumented couples. Incidentally, sociologists projected increase to 3.8 million by 2031 year.

Chansellor Lord, who made a proposal for spousal Union, met with harsh criticism from the Anglican Church. The clergy believe that marriage is a sacred institution and the attempt to legitimize bogomerzkoe phenomenon such as the legalization of illegitimate unions, unworthy of the House of Lords.

However, not all agree with the view tserkovniki Anglican. For example, the Rev Simon Stanley, Vicar of St. church. Chad in New York, believes that it is necessary not only to legalize young heterosexual couples, but also all the other "living together": babysitters, nannies, nurses and homosexual couples even if they live under one roof.

As a result, the Legislative Commission approved the bill on unregistered marriages, which are scheduled to complement the Bill of Rights by July of 2007. Presumably, will be developed in a document which will specify the conditions in advance of cohabitation and follow-up, if the couple disintegrate.

Sandra Davis, one of the developers of the new law, is confident that, despite its merkantilnost, innovation will become popular. "At least, they will be ready for the fact that the joint life is not only a romance," she believes.

Meanwhile, Britain has such decision as soon kill two hares. Besides unregistered British couples avoid confusion with the legalization of same-marriages. By leaving the issue of gay venchanii to the discretion of the Anglican Church, in law is not in the power business.